Frequently Asked Questions


Below, we answer some of the frequently asked Questions on our platform

  • Do I choose the company I want to intern with ?
    No. Internship Africa ensures that all applicants on the internship program are placed at the appropriate companies based on the chosen industry.

    Placement and selection is the duty of Internship Africa. Allowing the students to make their own choices will be chaotic and will only exert pressure on the company.

  • No. Application is free. All you have to do is submit your application form and wait for a response from the Internship Africa team.

    However, applicants will only pay a small processing fee to a designated bank account which will be made only available to successful applicants before the internship letter is issued.

  • No. A change of company is addressed on a case by case. The situations/reasons upon which the change is based must be subject to our terms and conditions policy.

    Refer to Change of Host Company section in the terms and conditions policy.

  • Payments/allowances given to interns during their internship solely depends on the company the applicant is placed. Applicants should bear in mind that, internships are meant to provide experience and a platform for networking. Getting paid on the job is an added advantage for your service.

    However, most of our partnering companies do well to provide interns with either allowances or a parting gift.

  • Internship Africa has done well to partner with numerous companies in various industries across the country.

    We have a company for every applicant.

  • The turn around time to get a placement is between 3-5weeks depending on the time you apply.
  • A processing charged of GHS65.00 is paid to Internship Africa after we have provided a placement for the applicant.

    However, application and submission for internship is FREE.

  • 1. Good customer relation service

    2. Great team

    3. Timely delivery

    4. Full scale internship placement process

    5. Tailor made services

  • All our host companies are listed on the Internship Africa website.
  • For student applicants it is between 2-3months. For non-students it is between 3-6months.
  • Retention of interns is solely dependent on the company. This is based on the intern’s proactiveness and ability to perform up to task.

    If the company wants to retain an intern, Internship Africa does not have a say with regards to that decision.