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Internship Placement

You need experience to get experience. This seems to be the biggest issue for students transitioning into the workforce these days. Employers in today's labor market rely heavily on résumés that illustrate a relevant work history, whether it is in the form of internships, volunteer work, or actual job experience.

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Business Idea Development

Most of the greatest ideas that has changed the phase of the world begun in colleges and universities. We at Internship Africa believe that, if we can nurture and groom business ideas of students at an early stage, the world will experience a phenomenal change in our ways of doing things.

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Career counselling

Having been established as an internship placement company, we create the pathway to your career by connecting you to the right company in the right industry. We make you career oriented and help you achieve your dreams and aspirations of becoming whatever you dream of.

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Corporate Branding and marketing

Having partnered with different companies, we ensure that we render our expert services to our partners in relation to branding and marketing to reach new clients.

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Customer Relation Service.

We are committed to providing first-hand quality operational services to all our clientele.

Great Team.

Our team consists of highly competent experts and experienced recruiters with extensive knowledge and experience in human resource.

Timely Delivery.

We know that your time is money So we deliver all your requests on time!

Tailor-made Service.

From our clientele, we strive to offer according to your needs. Supplying you and your organizations with the workforce tailored to suit your every need.

Full Scale Recruitment Process.

Guaranteed full recruitment cycle process with the option of taking care of the recruitment process from the initial authorization to offering stage.

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